Injury Prevention

At +Trainer, we understand the importance of preventing injuries in the world of sports. That’s why we offer injury prediction services to help trainers assist their athletes in staying and minimizing the risk of injury.

Our holistic approach allows trainers to evaluate various factors that can contribute to injuries, such as the type of training, technique used, fitness level, and workload.

By using advanced technology and our expertise in the field of exercise science, trainers can identify potential areas of risk and work with you to minimize them.

We pack in our app a set of simple assessments that trigger alerts about movement dysfunction and potential anatomy-functional damages. These algorithms are scientifically validated by experts


  • AROM (Active Range Of Motion) deficit monitoring tool.

  • Strenght analytical tool.

  • Stability monitoring (Y balance test).

  • Power monitoring (Hops test, CMJ, DJ).


By using the app, the effective communication between trainer and athlete allows them to always be aware of any discomfort or discomfort that ahletes may experience during their training. This allows trainers to take preventative measures and adjust their training plan to avoid future injuries.

Injury Prevention exercise

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