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At +Trainer, we know that every athlete is unique and has different goals and needs. That’s why we offer our trainers the ability to create customized training plans to help athletes reach their goals effectively and efficiently.

Our expert trainers will use state-of-the-art sports technology to create a training plan tailored to their athletes’ needs and goals. In addition, athletes have access to our library of exercises for various physical abilities with audiovisual and graphic support, where they’ll find various exercises customized for each muscle group and difficulty level.


  • More than 700 exercise VIDEOS for you to assign to your athletes.

  • Audiovisual and written support for each exercise.

  • State-of-the-art sports tech for traning plan creation.

  • Assistance for continuous monitoring and support from trainers to athletes.


Trainers can optimize athlete’s training and maximize their results. This promotes the development of key physical capacities, including strength in various forms, speed, stability, flexibility and endurance.

Thanks to the app, trainers can provide the guidance and support athletes need to achieve their goals in a simple and efficient way.

No more wasting time and energy on generic workouts.

Optimize training plans and help your athletes reach their goals with our personalized training plans module and audio-visual library of exercises.

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